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Premium Large Breeds

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The Premium Large Breed recipe is a 100% natural diet, developed over the last ten years et reviwed by agronome expert in animale nutrition . Premium Large Breeds is suitable for adult large breed dogs (60 lbs and over) and puppies from 8 weeks old.

Premium Large Breed is prepared with fresh meats very high in protein, very finely ground bones, offal, vegetables, prébiotics and premix minerals and vitamines to promote the intestinal health of your large breed dog.

Ingredients: grain-fed chicken meat, very finely ground chicken carcass, beef meat, fish in thirds (herring or salmon), interchangeable offal (liver, heart, beef kidneys), interchangeable vegetables (carrots, beets, apples etc.), alfalfa, ground flax seeds, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, proteinate copper ,manganèse proteinate ,potassium chloride and vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E ,vitamin B12,riboflavin(B2),thiamine (B1),niacin, pyridoxine(B6),This complete meal is formulated to meet AAFCO and NRC nutritional standards. Note: If you find this recipe too high in calcium for your dog, you can try our Premium Medium Breed recipe with less calcium. It is important not to mix the two types of food (dry and raw) in the same meal, as raw food is digested quickly while cooked food is long and difficult for the dog to digest.

TRANSITION: For an adult dog, you should start him on a 24-hour fast with unlimited water and start with meals of thawed meat for at least a week. Afterwards, you can give him frozen or semi-frozen meals to help clean his teeth. Fasting does not apply to puppies or pregnant females.

Nutritional analyzes:

NutrientsPremium large breed
Proteinmin.17 %
Fatmin.10 %
Fibermin.1 %
Humiditymax.72 %
Calories1671 kcal/kg

Download full AAFCO analyzes

Warning: The product may contain beets and change the color of animal urine. Wash your hands before and after serving food.

Amounts per day

Average weight for adult dogs Minimum quantity per day
60-69 lb Minimum 20 oz(2.5 patties)
70-79 lb Minimum 24 oz(3 patties)
80-89 lb Minimum 28 oz(3.5 patties)
90-105 lb Minimum 32 oz(4 patties)
106-110 lb Minimum 40 oz(4.5 patties)
111-125 lb Minimum 48 oz(5 patties)
125 lb and more Minimum 2% of their weight

Large breed puppies require 6-8% of their body weight per day until they are 4 months old. Then 4% of their weight up to 8 months. Afterthey need only 2-3% of their weight. Please note that the amounts may vary depending on the dog's age, activity level and anxiety and should only be used as a guide.


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