Premium fish recipe

Premium poisson

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Premium fish

1/2 lb (8 oz) patty
12 lb box

Nutritional analyzes

protein : min 17%
fat : min 11%
fibers :min 0,29%
humidity:max 70%

Ingredients: whole salmon fish, pork from Quebec, very fine ground pork bones, pork offal (liver or heart), fresh vegetables (carrots, red beets), alphaalpha, salt, choline chlorure, zinc proteinat, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinat, manganèse proteinat, copper proteinat, Thiamine mononitrate, Supplément biotine.
This complete meal is formulated to meet AAFCO and NRC nutritional standards.

TRANSITION: For an adult dog, you should start him on a 24-hour fast with unlimited water and start with meals of thawed meat for at least a week. Afterwards, you can give him frozen or semi-frozen meals to help clean his teeth. Fasting does not apply to puppies or pregnant females.

Warning: The product may contain beets and change the color of animal urine. Wash your hands before and after serving food.

Large breed puppies require 6-8% of their body weight per day until they are 4 months old. Then 4% of their weight up to 8 months. Afterthey need only 2-3% of their weight. Please note that the amounts may vary depending on the dog's age, activity level and anxiety and should only be used as a guide

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